Swastik Ganesh Wall Hanging

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Dimensions ( L X W X H ) : Inch ( 9.5' X 9.5' X 1.5' )

Weight : 3.0 Kilogram

Material : Brass, 0

Delivered In 2-3 Days


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Product Information :
If you want to give a religious touch to the home interiors, go for this Swastik Ganesha wall hanging. Swastik is an auspicious Hindu symbol, which represents the origin of life. The four arms stand for four faces of Bramha or four directions of the universe. Lord Ganesha is the symbol for knowledge and power. Therefore, Lord Ganesha image on the Swastik represents cosmic energy forces. The Swastik is made of red coated brass, while Lord Ganesha has been crafted from yellow coated brass. 

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