Brass Dancing Ganesh Mid

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Dimensions ( L X W X H ) : Inch ( 3.0' X 2.0' X 1.0' )

Weight : 1.0 Kilogram

Material : Brass, 0

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Product Information :
Ganesh the remover of obstacles dances with his vehicle mooshika the rat looking up at him on the base. Ganesh appears very light on his feet with only his toes gently touching the ground.  He has 4 arms that hold an elephant goad, noose, his broken tusk he used to write the Mahabharata epic and an Indian sweet called a laddu.  He is wearing a beautiful crown.  He also has nice designs carved into the base of his trunk with a bell tied around it.  Ganesh is wearing a cobra belt that holds in his enormous belly.  He is a beautiful golden, polished brass color.

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