Buddha Face Hanging Bell

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Buddha Face Hanging Tibetan Bell with Beeds by Bharat Haat. The essence of the Buddha's early preaching was said to be the four Noble truths life is fundamentally disappointment and suffering. Suffering is a result of one's desires for pleasure, power, and continued existence; To stop disappointment and suffering one must stop desiring; the way to stop desiring and thus suffering is the Noble eight fold path - right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right awareness and right concentration. The realization of the truth of anatman was taught as essential for the indescribable state of release called nirvana. The brass feel gives it a typical traditional and natural appearance which will surely enhance the ambiance of your house. Specialty: made from brass handicraft designs traditional and natural feel lustrous and gold like appearance made by the craftsmen. Enhance the décor value. Care Instructions: Clean by Dry Cloth and Use Pitambari Powder Specially for Brass Material. Also Used for: Enhance the décor value of the house, office, Worship Place hotel, etc. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, etc. About Us: Bharat Haat working Since Last 60 Years. Handicraft India Brass Meticulously handicraft by artisans from Bharat Haat in India. Traditional sand casting techniques to create this highly detailed statue. It won't ward off zombies or cataclysmic solar flares or anthrax-laced rain drops, but it will get you so wasted those things don't seem like such a big deal after all.

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