Laxmi Sitting On Kamal Mid

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Goddess Maha Lakshmi is the ruler of entire riches of the universe and hence if she is pleased, she can make a king out of a beggar within no times. Her four hands represents the four Goals of Human Life which are Dharma (pursuit of Ethical, Moral life), Artha (pursuit of Wealth, means of life), Kama (pursuit of Love, emotional fulfillment) and Moksha (pursuit of Self Knowledge, Liberation). Goddess Lakshmi is also called as Sri because she is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities or gunas and also because she is the source of strength even to Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi carries Lotus in two hands. Lotus carries symbolic meanings of Hinduism and other Indian traditions. Her face and open hands are in a mudra that signify compassion, giving or daan (charity). With another hand, she gives her blessings.

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